Cleaning Chemicals & Tablets

Code Description Price Quantity
CLEAF400 AIR FRESHENER 400ML £1.60 (exc VAT) Each£1.92 (inc VAT) Each
CLEBL5 BLEACH 5 LITRE £4.63 (exc VAT) Each£5.56 (inc VAT) Each
CLECC CREAM CLEANER £2.11 (exc VAT) Each£2.53 (inc VAT) Each
CLEDI5 DISINFECTANT 5 LITRE £7.67 (exc VAT) Each£9.20 (inc VAT) Each
CLEDT DISHWASHER TABLETS PACK OF 120 £20.73 (exc VAT) Each£24.88 (inc VAT) Each
CLEFL5 FLOOR CLEANER 5 LITRE (LEMON) £11.36 (exc VAT) Each£13.63 (inc VAT) Each
CLEFP480 FURNITURE POLISH 330ML £2.60 (exc VAT) Each£3.12 (inc VAT) Each
CLEGP750 GLASS / WINDOW / STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER 750ML £3.43 (exc VAT) Each£4.12 (inc VAT) Each
CLETC750 TOILET CLEANER 750ML £2.04 (exc VAT) Each£2.45 (inc VAT) Each
CLEWUL1 WASHING UP LIQUID 1 LITRE £4.12 (exc VAT) Each£4.94 (inc VAT) Each
CLEWUL5 WASHING UP LIQUID 5 LITRE £6.02 (exc VAT) Each£7.22 (inc VAT) Each
CLECB CHANNEL BLOCKS PACK OF 36 £44.13 (exc VAT) Each£52.96 (inc VAT) Each